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48 Hour View Suggestions

Matthew M

I love your weather app and happily purchased the Pro Key. But I would like to make a suggestion to the usability of the in-app 48 Hour view.

Aside from a small clock, my homescreen is essentially dedicated to the large Eye in Sky widget that shows the current weather and 4-day forecast. And when I tap the widget, it opens the app (of course), but I was wondering if it would be possible to have the option of making the widget open to the 48-Hour tab instead of the Currently tab. The Currently tab shows the same information as the widget, and so it seems more useful to have the app show the 48-Hour view in my case.

Also, I have a separate suggestion that may make the 48-Hour view easier to use at a glance. Currently, I find it somewhat difficult to differentiate between the time of day each entry corresponds to. Of course, reading the text on the left ("evening", "night", "morning", etc.) gives me the information I need, but I was wondering if they could be color coded in a way that makes them very simple to see at a glance. I don't have a perfect solution, but maybe the leftmost side of each entry can have a vertical colored bar that corresponds to the time of day (yellow could be for afternoon, purple for evening, or anything else that makes sense). Essentially, something that makes the list of information easier to parse so I know when in the day to expect each forecast without the need to read the text and figure out how that relates to the current time of day.

Thanks for reading!